Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Rules of the Game

We came up with some ground rules for our new lifestyle. In much need of some guidelines, we decided the best thing would be to come up with a list of things we knew we could stick to. Eventually, we are going to type it up, sign it, frame it, and hang it in our kitchen. I say eventually because, well, let's face it, things don't get done in a jiffy around here!

"The Rules"
1. Get a deep freeze.
2. Get a share of a grass-fed, organic, locally raised cow.
3. Find a local co-op for chicken and eggs.
4. Eat more fish.
5. Eat with the season.
6. Be religious about bountiful baskets, which helps us eat with the season.
7. All organic dairy products.
8. No more HFCS.
9. Learn to bake from scratch.
10. Learn new recipes...especially crock pot recipes.
11. Meal planning- very important! Based on available meat and bountiful baskets.
12. Send food to Grandma's so they are eating well over there too.
13. Make a compost.
14. No more fast food! Maybe some Chipotle on occassion... :)

I am also open to suggestions on things that work for you and your family! Up next...A Tandem Tale Part II: Eleanor.

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